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Special virtual issue on Actinide physics and chemistry with synchrotron radiation is published in the Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, edited by Kristina Kvashnina, Sergei Butorin, Shuao Wang and Weiqun Shi,

One more cover image is published in Advanced Materials Interfaces, Article: High Surface Area “3D Graphene Oxide” for Enhanced Sorption of Radionuclides by N. Boulanger et al, Adv.Mat.Interf. 18, 2200510 (2022)

International Day of Girls and Women in Science 2022

One more cover is published: HERFD-XANES and RIXS Study on the Electronic Structure of Trivalent Lanthanides across a Series of Isostructural Compounds , Pavel Zasimov, Lucia Amidani, Marius Retegan, Olaf Walter, Roberto Caciuffo, and Kristina O. Kvashnina

New Cover is published: High-Energy Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy at Actinide M 4,5 and Ligand K Edges: What We Know, What We Want to Know, and What We Can Know. K. O. Kvashnina and S. M. Butorin, Chem. Commun. 327 (2022). DOI

An ESRF spotlight on Cobalt nanomaterials studies from University of Hamburg.

Early view: The Application of HEXS and HERFD XANES: ThO2
Plutonium dioxide nanoparticles puzzle solved

An ESRF spotlight concerning our comprehensive work on PuO2 nanoparticles.

Signatures of Technetium Oxidation States
Cover artwork for our novel work on Tc L3 edge XANES
Very Important Paper in Angewandte Chemistry

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The bottom of the periodic table

The facinating bottom of the periodic table

ESRF to benefit from ERC grant for nanomaterials research

Voyage au coeur du Tableau Périodique (L’Unesco a déclaré 2019 comme année internationale du Tableau Périodique)

Ganz unten im Periodensystem

ESRF news – June 2019: Eccentricity at the bottom of the Periodic table

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